Are you in the market to sell your home?

Are you hosting an upcoming party or shower?

Are your kitchen cabinets worn and in need of revitalizing?

Would you like improvement without the high cost and inconvenience of replacement or refinishing?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I can help! My renewal process for your kitchen cabinets includes the following:

  • A thorough cleaning of the surface to remove all dirt, grease, grime and smoke particulates
  • Repair any damage from chemicals, heat or water
  • Repair any nicks, scratches, cracks or gouges
  • Touch-up the stain or paint where color loss has occurred
  • Apply a durable finish to seal and protect the surface that will resist scratches and scuffs

Grease & Grime:

Collects above and near the stove. This can be cleaned, eliminating the sticky residue and bad odors.

Nicks and Chips:

From cooking utensils, silverware, rings and belt buckles making contact with the wood surface thereby revealing a lighter wood or different color surface underneath. This color can be replaced with stain or paint, blending it in with the surrounding surface.


Eventually migrates into and underneath the finish resulting in the finish flaking and wood deteriorating, usually around the sink, preparation area and where the coffee maker sits. This damage can be cleaned, restained/painted and recoated with finish creating a new protective surface and preventing further damage.

This is a more affordable alternative to refinishing or replacement and in most cases can be completed in one day or less. The result is a greatly improved look with minimal inconvenience. And remember, by renewing your cabinets, you’ll be doing your part to protect our environment. With Kitchens Renewed, there will be fewer trees cut and less need for the landfill.